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Joeytails Positive Outlook for 2019

When you are a dog that is loved, everyday is a good day.  Joey was adopted by me on Valentines Day in 2015. His Mom was dropped off at a kill shelter around Thanksgiving and 3 days later delivered 11 puppies (one of which was Joey). Some good Samaritans went to the shelter and got Mom and pups to foster until they could find homes. Were it not for their efforts most likely none of them would have survived. As it is, though, 8 of them were adopted including his Mom!

I am often reminded of how simple life is for a dog- well one that is loved:  Eat, play, sleep.  Repeat.  He is one lucky little guy and shares a home with his big sister, Hannah, an 11yr old Yellow Lab that has been battling Valley Fever for a little over a year.  All days are good days, just some days are better days.

It is because of Joey that The Glitter Hound came to life.  He was the inspiration to do something to help other dogs that aren't as lucky as Joey who was rescued and adopted.  So The Glitter Hound was born. Our mission is to raise awareness and support thru our fun, whimsical original designs for t-shirts, apparel and accessories from one dog lover to another.  Ten (10%) of each purchase is donated to local and national no kill animal rescue and shelters. You'll see Joey featured in a few designs too.  Wearable art that makes you look good, feel good, do good.

So from Joey, Hannah and me, their human, we wish you a Healthy & Happy 2019.  We hope your year is filled with good "furevr" friends too.

As Joey tells me, "I had you at Rescue".


JT -Joeytails


  • What a great story!! Can’t wait to meet your cute little Joey and Hannah, they are blessed to have you as their mom!

    Amberly Maus
  • I love your website!!! Please post more fun

    Sandy Tirado

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